Designed for freedom

It is the seamless fusion of media, control, interaction and experience that forges the freedom of Omniyon. It results in usability that centers availability, choice, flexibility and enhanced performance.

Modern & Consistent Design

The Omniyon app uses the same style of graphics as those used for the player wherever you go. This consistency provides intuitive access and control in a natural way, no matter which device you use or where you are either locally and globally.


Managed Content

All content added goes through a management and authorization process. This enables content allocation and approval for specific players and devices, for example, ensuring only child friendly material is available to certain users. Content can be divided into different categories (e.g. Cartoons, Concerts) which can in turn be accessed via quick-links on the player home page.



Both the Omniyon player and app are fully multilingual and can support any language ensuring Omniyon is a truly global solution. The user simply selects their language of choice from within the user interface. With the metadata for movies & TV series available in Russian and English, the language support also extends to the content itself.


Free from Restriction

Experience without limitation. Choose to watch your selected video content directly on your tablet or opt for the TV screen. If you change your mind simply switch between the two. Roam freely with your tablet as Omniyon automatically switches to the correct room or area. Take your playing content, control and media with you without having to swap devices or find the remote control.


Comfort Control

Control the entire Omniyon system and all your in-cabin comfort such as climate, lighting, drapes and blinds from your tablet. A helping hand and service is never far away thanks to the integrated steward call which features messaging services as well as a cinema refreshment ordering system to directly request snacks and drinks of choice.