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Imagine your movies, favorite TV channels, music and comfort whenever and wherever you are.

Discover the freedom of Omniyon
The Omniyon System

A captivating fusion of media and control for a naturally intuitive experience. A complete and managed entertainment system focused on user interaction and maximum enjoyment.

Watch TV & movies on your tablet
Getting The Day Started

Watch the latest news directly on your iPad, listen to your favorite playlist or turn on the television and catch up on your current TV series. Discover the freedom of choice with Omniyon.

Turn on the lights, change the temperature, open the blinds or call for steward. Control of your environment is in your hands.
Harmonized Media - wherever your journey takes you
Mid Morning Meeting

As you move in to the gym, in to your office or up to your sun lounger, Omniyon’s seamless continuity ensures you can continue watching or listening as you go.

The uniform user interface ensures your interaction and experience is consistent, wherever you go.
Multilingual - make Omniyon accessible for all your guests
Join Guests Out on Deck

Meet all your personal and guest needs with Omniyon available in your language of choice at the touch of a button. Tailor content allocation for specific users, such as children, to ensure all media available to them is age and interest appropriate.

Your entire media collection including cover art, details and selected languages is always available at all connected locations on all connected and approved devices. As Omniyon remembers your last viewing position, simply start where you left off.
Search & Filter - grow your library without limitation
Movie Time

Enjoy the breathtaking high quality of both sound and picture resulting from the very latest audio and video technology. Sit back and use the cinema ordering system to request refreshments, relax and immerse yourself in your film of choice.

Search your extensive media library quickly and easily using smart filters to find that one in 10,000 movie of choice.
Scalability - designed to evolve with you, today and tomorrow
Evening Relaxation

Let your evening take you its own course. Embrace the freedom of Omniyon with access to everything you need, knowing it is anything but limited. Opt for the turnkey solution for ultimate usability or create a more tailored solution by simply selecting the elements you need.

Compatible with multi-media formats, sources and leading control systems, the content and number of users can be expanded and increased to grow with your changing requirements.
Roam freely - take your tablet with you and watch and control as you go
After Dinner Drinks

Wherever you choose to enjoy your post dinner drink on board, Omniyon moves with you. Continue to enjoy and control your media selections and surrounding environment without needing to find a different remote control or change tablets on the way.

From features and functionality to hardware and support, Omniyon has been developed specifically for the yachting industry and designed to meet evolving onboard needs.
LiveQ Multiview of preferred TV channels & swipe to screen
TV Catch Up

Omniyon’s LiveQ mosaic provides a complete live overview of all of your favorite TV Stations on all mobile devices and TV Screens on board.

Select a channel to watch on device, swipe to watch on a TV screen, roam and watch anywhere on board and have direct access to your favorite channels.
Unrivaled support and in-depth system manageability
Call it a Day

Sleep easy in the knowledge that Omniyon is fully supported end to end with the very highest level of service and technical experience, on hand from day one of your Omniyon journey, wherever you go.

The integrated management system ensures authorized crew have access to essential functionality and content features for optimized operation.
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