All of your personal Omniyon content is stored on networked storage. If required it can be spread across multiple NAS devices. The storage capacity is unrestricted and can grow as large as is necessary and can be scaled up at when needed.

Internet Connectivity

Omniyon is essentially an offline system. An internet connection is only used whilst downloading metadata for media, during synchronization or if online streams are being played. Omniyon does not require any internet bandwidth during operation.

Network Infrastructure

Omniyon servers require either a 1 or 10 gigabit ethernet connection. The connection needed depends on the number of players within the system needing to be able to play content simultaneously. Our servers are shipped, as standard, with 1 gigabit connectivity. This can be upgraded with 10 gigabit interface cards (fiber) as required.


Omniyon software is virtualized. This means it can run on VMware or HyperV server infrastructure. Next to possible redundancy this provides the means of integrating with already existing servers if required. It is possible to fully enjoy Omniyon without the need to add server hardware.


Omniyon players are based on the Intel NUC platform. They are available in HD and 4K versions. The players output audio and video on HDMI. Players require a gigabit ethernet connection.

Backup and Redundancy

All Omniyon server components run on the Linux operating system and can be backed up with well known standard backup solutions such as VEEAM.  Additionally servers and storage can be made fully redundant with automated failover.