Omniyon App

Go Beyond Audio Video on Demand

The addition of the Omniyon App is what unveils the true vision behind Omniyon. It is what turns this Audio and Video on Demand solution in to a complete media platform. A fusion of media and control which is naturally intuitive.

Unrestricted Availability with Roaming

The Omniyon App ensures you have access to all of your media throughout your house or yacht regardless of room and device. Experience unrestricted movement, control and content as you simply move around without interruption or needing to change remotes.


Comfort Control & Advanced Steward Call

In addition to the basic device, media and room comfort controls, the Omniyon App also provides advanced steward and service call features facilitating the highest level of service. With customization options, integrated messaging services and the cinema refreshment ordering system, service is efficient, effective and discreet.


Content Filtering

The unique ability to filter your entire content libraries by multiple categories such as Actor, Year, Duration, Genre, Watched etc ensures that finding movies, music and TV series is straightforward and quick. Regardless of how large your media collections grow, finding content is never more than a few clicks away.


Search All Media including TV

Thanks to the App's seamless and direct integration with your Omniyon media, searching for specific content is easy and intuitive. Designed to provide optimized usability with high performance, its centralized search feature enables access and insight into all media on your system directly from your tablet.


Multilingual & Media Information

Change the language of your Omniyon user interface directly from your tablet with the Omniyon App. Instantly switch to another language at any time with a simple touch on the screen to change device and room comfort controls as well as media information into the language of your choice.