Defining Characteristics

Anytime, Anywhere

Ultimate Freedom. Your entire media library available to watch and listen to at all times, on any device and at all locations of your choice. Onboard and onshore, Omniyon gives you the freedom to go wherever you want to.

Control & Media Combined

One complete system. Control and media seamlessly blended for natural and optimized interaction. Effortless elegance in one turnkey system for ease of use, minimal hardware footprint and maximum enjoyment.


Intuitive user experience. Consistency is key. With uniform design and layout as well as continuity of all media on every device, wherever you go, Omniyon guarantees smooth and intuitive usability. An outstanding user experience which is naturally easy, high performance and on trend.

Future Proof

Extend, grow, evolve. Contemporary design engineered to support tomorrow’s needs and technologies. Your system can grow and expand to meet your changing needs. Extend across multiple locations, increase your media libraries and add optional features without limitation.

Designed for Yachts

Superyacht worthy. Omniyon stems from a unique understanding of what needs to be achieved to make a product and its usability yacht worthy. The system is fully managed and offers device and content allocation for every Omniyon user. From exceptional service to system manageability and from user expectation to global availability, it is designed to meet onboard demands.


Dedicated and experienced. The extensive experience and the people behind Omniyon are motivated and dedicated to do exactly what needs to be done to provide the very best end result for the customer. The team is highly skilled and focussed on delivering outstanding results.