System Management

Languages, room names, background images etc. can be changed quickly and easily by authorized crew via the system management suite.  Individual Omniyon players can also be started remotely enabling immediate support without interrupting guests.

Content Conversion

Omniyon primarily uses the MKV format for all content on the system. All media uploaded in other formats such as MP4, AVI or VIDEO_TS files and folders can be converted to the primary format via the management suite.


Media Grouping

Content within Omniyon’s media can be managed and grouped to provide Owners, Guests, Children and Crew access to different movies, TV series and music as applicable. This enables a ‘parental control’ style feature for families and younger guests as well as groups aimed at particular personal interests.

Preventative & Ongoing Support

For those managing Omniyon on board, support and assistance is always on hand. Not only providing support should questions or issues arise but also carrying out preventative monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance across every component within the system. Omniyon’s engineers provide end-to-end high level support for optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.

Content Authorization

All content uploaded to Omniyon undergoes an authorization process. Once approved by the system manager, for example the ETO, it is then made available on the system.  Only approved content appears within groups and on the player.


Media Synchronization

Your personal media libraries are securely stored on dedicated central servers at YachtCloud or at your private datacenters. All content is managed and sent to your Omniyon locations of choice. Synchronization is co-ordinated to ensure optimized content availability and efficient use of bandwidth.