Swipe Up to Screen

Simply send any video content playing on the tablet to the TV screen by ‘swiping up’. Omniyon automatically detects the closest TV set . If you move to a different area whilst watching a film or TV on the tablet device, Omniyon will recognize which TV to send the content to as you swipe.


Quick Resume & Control

Omniyon stores your last viewing position so that you can always resume previously watched content quickly whether restarted on screen or on your tablet. In addition, Omniyon’s shortcut footers allow you to gain quick control of and access to content playing on the tablet or on screen.


Latest Technology & Highest Quality

Integration of the very latest audio and video technology, formats and standards deliver high performance and high quality.  The system supports up to 4K video technology as well as multi-channel and analog audio. Omniyon is designed to be future proof and therefore is not limited by evolving technology development.


Multiple Browsing Options

Seamlessly scroll through cover art posters for each content group. Search for TV channels via the extensive EPG, LiveQ mosaic or use the channel overview page for direct access to categories (e.g. sport, news). If using a standard remote, an integrated on-screen keyboard (English / Russian) allows you to search the entire database.


Mobile Play for all Media

All media within your Omniyon system, including TV channels, can be played within the Omniyon app as well as on screen. Mobile play makes all of your media more accessible and gives you the freedom to watch or listen whenever and wherever you want without even needing to turn on a TV.


Personalize Collections & Categories

Put your own personal stamp on your media libraries by creating collections and dividing content into categories. Sort and organize movies, TV series and music into groups of your choice so that all of your media is categorized in the way that works best for you personally.